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Carmine Erebus

SuperFruit Gummies 60 per bottle | SuperFood Gummies

SuperFruit Gummies 60 per bottle | SuperFood Gummies

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Deliciously healthy with a modern dash of convenience

Enjoy Healthy Bod. Co SuperFruit Blend gummies on the daily! 

Our gummies contain super berries: Acai, Amla, Goji, Pomegranate and other fruits known to boost your immune system and are packed with loads of other goodies.

Discover A Host of Benefits:

Easy and convenient: designed with busy people in mind our gummies are delicious and convenient on the go healthy snack

✅ Supports General Wellbeing: with the combination of vitamins, zinc and superfruits, those bugs won't have a chance to slow you down! 

✅ Safe and Toxin- free: Our dietary supplements are all formulated with no trace of GMOs. They are vegan, allergen free and produced in world class labs. 

✅ 60 Healthy Gummies: The bottle is packed with 60 hormone-free, gelatin-free, gluten-free and no artificial flavour gummies.

Active ingredients : Vitamin A, C, E, Zinc, Organic superfruit blend, bamboo shoot extract

Other ingredients: Glucose syrup, Raw cane sugar, Water, Pectin, Citric acid, Fruit juice concentrate (colour), Natural fruit flavours, coconut oil

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