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Erin Chaos

Pure Sleep Gummies

Pure Sleep Gummies

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There is no doubt about it that sleep is important for our overall health and wellbeing, but it is also important for your fitness. Both weight loss and muscle building require adequate levels of sleep to function properly. In fact since growth and repair happens during rest(sleep) and testosterone levels raise, you could say it is the most important part of the puzzle. Sleep is primarily accomplished by relaxing the body and mind to reach a state of sedentariness. This is what allows the body to be able to fall asleep. The reality is that we go to the gym to start/trigger these changes, but they actually happen during rest. So it is very important that you are getting enough sleep EVERY night.

Roughly 25% of Americans experience acute insomnia every year and have trouble sleeping. Sometimes it is hard to avoid simply because we all live very busy lifestyles. Most of us are regular consumers of caffee(caffeine) which can stay in the body for up to 12 hours. The body will typical clear half of your caffeine within 6 hours. Depending on when you finished your last cup, you could be compromising your sleep or the quality of it.

Then you have the gym, many Americans will take pre-workout before the gym, which is usually after 5pm when they come home from work. Even without pre-workout the body needs to cool down and go back to normal(homeostasis). This level of activity by itself contributes to the inability to sleep. Plus after the gym you have to eat, while the stomach is working it makes it difficult to reach a sedentary enough state to fall asleep. Now if you add pre-workout to this mix, you end up tossing and turning all night compromising your ability to recover and leaving you tired tomorrow.

The worst part is that this vicious cycle will also affect your quality of workouts by being physically too tired going into them. To go even further, without proper recovery you are only destroying the body and taking steps backwards via ‘overtraining’. This is when you enter your next workout before the recovery phase has completed.

Pure Sleep gummies helps you get to sleep and get quality sleep so you can recharge and recover properly. We put the standard melatonin. We also added vitamin B6 to help produce more melatonin naturally. Melatonin tells the body that it is night time and prepares it for sleep. This is helpful when you have long or busy days and need the signals earlier than you plan on sleeping for better recovery. Our sleep formula also includes passion flower to help relax the body and mind to bring it closer to sedentary.

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